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Amazon Rolls Out New Services For Cloud

In a fresh development, Inc’s cloud business, Amazon Web Services, has launched a service to help companies analyse their data and a briefcase-like product that will enable them to ship large amounts of data for storage on the cloud. The company said the data analytics service, called QuickSight, is fast and easy to use

Amazon Enters Alibaba’s Tmall In China

The U.S. online retailer, has opened a flagship store in local competitor Alibaba Group Holding’s online marketplace. The US Company, however, is struggling to build its base in the dragon country. Amazon’s store inside Alibaba’s Tmall, launched recently, so far offers a limited number of product categories including imported food, women’s shoes, toys and

Amazon Sits On The Rooftop

With an aim to boost its business, Amazon has purchased Rooftop Media, an online service that licenses the rights to thousands of hours of comedy audio and videos to various media outlets. Though the terms of deal were kept under wraps, Amazon will fold Rooftop Media’s 10 employees into Audible, the audiobooks service that Amazon

Amazon Redesigns Its Login Page For The First Time In Two Decades

For the first time in the last 20 years, amazon has given an overall to its login page. It marks the end of an era, and it could signal broader, site-wide changes. The new page, which was pointed out on twitter is clearly geared towards mobile users: it’s thinner, has much larger buttons, and cuts

Amazon Plunges 10% On Big Loss

Investors are familiar with Amazon’s quarterly routine: posting huge sales numbers with little or no profit. But they are not shrugging off the loss this quarter. Amazon shares dipped more than 10% early Friday, extending their after-hours sell-off, after the tech giant reported a larger than expected loss. The sales rose 23%, but the company

Alibaba Enters Into A Deal To Stream “Mad Men”

In a significant development, Alibaba has inked a deal with Lionsgate studio to stream popular U.S. movies and TV shows including “Twilight” and “Mad Men” in China. The subscription-based service will be launched in August and offer through Alibaba’s Internet television set-top box. Some Lionsgate (LGF) offerings are already available in China through other partnerships,

FTC Asks Amazon To Refund Illegal Games Purchases By Kids

Federal regulators announced a lawsuit against Amazon accusing the retail giant of illegally charging parents for millions in gaming purchases by their kids. The Federal Trade Commission says Amazon allowed kids to make purchases of virtual items like “coins” and “stars” in Kindle Fire games without their parents’ consent. It was a violation of federal