Swan song for apps in britain?

Is it the end of apps in britain? It seems so. A new report suggests that interest in apps might be falling, with a third of U.K. smartphone users not trying a single piece of new software in a typical month.

What’s the reason?
The change has been attributed to a number of factors, including the growing number of older users and the fact that many current apps are good enough already. Paul lee, head of research for technology at deloitte refers to the law of averages to keep his point. He says, that people you get the less enthusiastic their behaviour is going to be.”

Research from deloitte suggests even for customers who still bother to explore google play or apple’s app store, downloads a month has fallen from an average of 2.32 in 2013 to just 1.82 in 2014. To make it worse, the report says nine out of 10 never spend money on apps at all.

However, lee stresses that declining number of downloads is only “one facet” and that people are still using apps, with many of us having settled with the ones they want.

The news is bad for independent developers looking to challenge billion-dollar tech companies-last week british game company king lost more than £1 billion in its market valuation as consumers got bored of its flagship title candy crush saga.

King’s declining fortunes have drawn comparisons with zynga – a san francisco-based ‘social gaming’ outfit that rose to fortune with its facebook smash hit farmville, but suffered a similar fall, first in interest and then revenue.

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