Surgery On Weekends Raises Death Risk: Study

It may sound strange, but true. A new research claims that the risk of death increases manifold if the surgery is conducted on weekends, in the afternoon or in February.

After analyzing the data of around 2 lakh patients, researchers found that surgery conducted in the afternoon led to 21 percent high risk of death compared with surgery conducted at other times of the day.

Similarly, surgery at the weekend was associated with a 22 percent increased risk of death compared to surgery on weekdays.

The researchers also found that February was the highest risk month, with a 16 percent high risk of death compared to surgery in all other months.

Researchers believe several factors possible which may have influenced the outcome.
Felix Kork from Charite-University Medicine Berlin, Germany, says that standard of care differs throughout the day and between weekdays and weekends.

He explained, although the researchers controlled for risk factors including emergency surgery in the study, it may very well be that the patients treated in the afternoon and on the weekends were more severely ill

He, however, added that more is needed to draw conclusions regarding seasonal variation in postoperative outcome.

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