Strawberries For Glowing Skin

The luscious strawberries are not only delectable and yummy, but can work wonders in giving your face a shine and healthy glow. Here are a few methods in which you can use strawberries to get the most out of it:

1. Adding to your beauty
The juice of this berry is rich in skin lightening and also cures blemishes and acne marks effectively. Mash three to four strawberries in a bowl and filter the juice with a clean muslin cloth. Apply the juice all over the face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. Use this mask thrice a week to reap the best benefits.

2. Treat acne
Strawberries are also helpful in treating acne. mix half a cup of sliced strawberries with a spoon of sour cream. Apply the mixture as a mask and leave it on for 10 minutes. It helps in removing dead cells from the skin. It also tightens the pores and prevents further break outs.

3. A great toner
Grind a handful of strawberries and extract the juice. Add two tablespoon of this juice to 100 ml of cold rose water. Apply it with a cotton ball all over your face before going to bed. This is a great toner for every skin type.

4. Glowing skin
Take three strawberries and add seven spoons of milk. Crush them in a blender and use the mixture on your face as a mask first thing in the morning. You will not need any cream to pull you through the day.

5. Strawberry and carrot juice cleanser
Mix a cup of strawberry juice with a cup of fresh carrot juice. You can replace your usual cleanser with this excellent homemade one. For people with oily skin, this cleanser can be a saviour.

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