Stolen Bike To Send You Messages

Stop worrying about your bike after parking. Here comes a system that texts you if someone steals, or even touches, your motorbike.

The new Scorpio Ride ‘Core’ system from Massachusetts-based Scorpio Sounds uses an Apple or Android app to keep track of a module installed inside the bike. The box plugs into the battery and relays everything from location to tyre pressure to your phone, tablet or computer.

The ‘Core’ connects straight into the bike’s battery so it monitors the charge status and can send a message if the juice is getting too low. If someone manages to steal the bike, it trigger the app’s emergency mode which produces a pin code that gives police temporary access to the live location feed and can be tracked to between 10 and 20 feet.

If a thief disconnects the bike’s battery, the unit has an internal backup power source to keep sending information until they catch the thief.

The bike tracking system starts at a price of $219.

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