Stay Glowing With Ice-Cubes In Summer

Summer Skin Care
The cold, square cube which you dip in your drinks to make them cool has health uses too. Here are a few benefits of the ice-cubes.

1. Glowing skin: Rubbing some ice on your face leads to healthy, glowing, radiant skin. So quickly rub some ice, if you are getting late for your dinner party.

2. Reduce suntan and acne: Rubbing some ice cubes on your face can help relieve you from sun burn and also make your acne flat. Use ice cubes as a quick fix in summers.

3. Tightens pores: Ice-cubes helps to tightens the pores on your face which have been clogged with dirt and dead skin cells.

4. Iced-fruit facials: Freeze a strawberry, an orange, a lemon or even green tea and then rub the ice on your face for a fresh, glowing skin.

5. Lessen dark circles: Mix some cucumber juice with rose water and freeze it. Rub it on your face and it will work wonders on your dark circles and puffy eyes.

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