Stay Cool With These Food Items This Summer

Summers are fast approaching and you might be thinking to gulp down fluids to stay hydrated this hot and humid season. We suggest you a list of eatables that will help you to face the hot weather bravely.

1. Watermelon: It has 92% water content is one of the best bets when it comes to having healthy food during summers. You can either consume it or make shakes combining some lemon and ginger or mint to make a tasty and healthy fruit drink.

2. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are the best fruits for the summers. With 96% water content, you can eat it with your meals or just slice them and spice them to have it stand alone. They have no fats or cholesterol, only healthy nutrients like Vitamin B6, Vitamin K and more.

3. Strawberries: They contain 92% water and are loaded with fiber and Vitamin C, and they taste amazing too. Whether you have them just as fruit or make smoothies or shakes with them, they are good and healthy in all forms.

4. Lettuce: Lettuce is high on water content (96%), but apart from that they are not known to have much nutrition value and so it is best if you couple them up with other green vegetables or salads to make it a complete healthy option.

Just leave the advice that you have to gulp down liters of fluids to keep your body hydrated during the summers? Now you can balance it out with eating few of these food items that will keep your body cool and hydrated through the summer season.

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