Stay Away From Cold With These Superfoods

Winter has already set in and the mercury has come down. It’s time to boost your immunity to fight the cold weather. Here are some superfoods which will help you to increase your immunity:

1. Fish: Fish contain fatty acids that boost immunity and fight health issues like cold and flu.

2, Garlic: Raw garlic produces antioxidants which fights cold and boosts immunity like nothing else.

3. Tea: It is perhaps one of the most popular brews across the globe. It not only soothes a sore throat but also contains components which fight flu.

4. Mushrooms: These contain antioxidants, potassium, vitamins and fiber which boost one’s immunity and fight cold.

5. Sweet potatoes: They are very good for maintaining one’s health in the cold weather. They produce compounds which are converted into vitamin A, which is essential for strong immunity.

Now an app to let you delete sent text, photos

Seattle-based startup Be Labs has announced the successful completion of beta testing for Strings, a new messaging app that gives users complete control over their personal conversations.
What is Strings?
Strings is a new way for users to share information with exactly who they want and even take it back. The app combines granular control over who sees what with multi-conversation context and rich media to create a simple and intuitive way to have interactive, personal conversations.

Control starts with allowing users to easily select who to start conversations with. Users can add or remove people at any time. Each string is a unique conversation, making it possible to have multiple conversations with the same people about different topics.

The app also allows users to fluidly incorporate rich media, including unlimited-length videos and high-resolution photos, into their conversations. Users always maintain the ability to delete a string of conversation at any time. Once deleted, the string and all its associated content is removed from every users’ phone and from the Strings servers — immediately and permanently.

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