Soon, Videogames Without Winner Or Loser?

The Swedish government has planned to spread democracy and creativity across the world through its videogames. Sounds an out-of-box thinking, isn’t.

But the government is serious about it and wants to get away from the country’s videogaming staples of male-dominated violence and competition — Sweden’s most successful export so far in the industry has been the Battlefield franchise.

Under the banner of Democreativity (a word-merge, apparently), a taskforce invited suggestions from around the world on the topic of the most unlikely game ever made.

A joint team from Visit Sweden, the Swedish Institute and Business Sweden claim the gaming community really want an experience where there are no winners and losers — one where alliances, collaboration and exploration are what count. And according to Democreativity, gamers no longer want traditional male characters or female characters — they would prefer to play as an “indefinable”, nongender entity like an emoticon or a cursor. The goal is to promote a mindset where you win by helping others win or by turning haters into lovers.

The suggestions of 500 people from across 126 countries have been boiled down to a brief which, with the help of a team of Swedish developers, will be turned into the new — and maybe even commercially viable — game of the future.

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