Soon, Portable Chips For Instant Blood Tests

Blood tests would soon be done in a few minutes as scientists are developing a portable credit-card sized chip that can detect anything from HIV to diabetes.

The labs-on-a-chip (LOC) would not only be quick but also inexpensive and portable,
researchers said.

They could be used miles from the nearest medical clinic to test for anything from HIV to diabetes, and can run no more than a test or two because they have designed manually.

Dozens of tests could be done with a single drop of blood and the results are possible in a very short time. The work focuses on routing the droplet of blood or other fluid through each test on the chip efficiently while avoiding any chip contamination.

Scientists said, though it has taken four years to do the software, but to manufacture the LOC would be inexpensive. The materials are very cheap, and the results are more accurate than a conventional labs.

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