Soon, A rival Of Burja Khalifa In Dubai

The world’s tallest building will soon have competitor. The city that built the world’s tallest building has commissioned the architects behind it to design a new skyscraper that will claim the title of the tallest commercial building in the world. It will be called the Burj 2020.
According to sources, the new building will also claim the title world’s tallest observation deck-after all, the Burj Khalifa’s deck ranks at a pathetic #3.
Burj 2020 has actually been planned since 2013, but the developers behind the project announced they had chosen an architect: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, the Chicago-based firm that designed the Burj Khalifa along with Kingdom Tower, the kilometer-high skyscraper in Jeddah that is currently under construction.
The 2020′s height hasn’t been announced yet, but it will be the tallest all-commercial building on Earth. Sources claimed that the 2020 would reach 2,165 feet, with a total of 115 floors.
That’s about 600 feet shorter than the Burj Khalifa, but the 2020′s observation deck, which will wrap the entire way around the building, will be much higher. Right now, the tallest observation deck in the world sits at about 1,600 feet in Guangzhou, China.
The name 2020 is a nod to the Expo 2020, which will take place in Dubai in less than five years. Hiring a pair of architects who are behind some of the world’s tallest buildings certainly makes it seem as though 2020 is going ahead.

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