Sony’s Playstation 4 Vr Headset To Be Launched By 2016

Sony’s PlayStation 4-powered virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus, is expected to be launched in the first half of 2016. It is coming up with added features. To name a few, the screen resolution is improved: it’s now 1,920 x RGB x 1,080. The refresh rate is doubled from last year at 120Hz, and the new 5.7-inch screen also has a higher field of view. It has also got a new, bigger screen at 5.7 inches. Further upping the specs is lower latency, now under 18 milliseconds. The company has not disclosed the price. The long and short is that the screen has a higher resolution than last year’s model. It will help reduce the screen door effect that many VR headsets suffer from, in so many words.

The screen is afforded super-low latency (sub-18 ms) by way of improvements Sony’s made to the software across the past year, and the field of view has been expanded to “nearly” 100 degrees. And the design has changed a bit as well: It’s now got nine LED sensors on the outside, making it way more glowy blue than before, but also offering more points of articulation to be measured by the corresponding PlayStation 4 camera.

Sony also showed off a handful of new demos, which we’re going to go and try right now. Stay tuned! For more.

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