Sony Remodels Playstation With Independent Games

Sony who is working with independent studios to bring sassy new titles to the PlayStation platform recently showed off nearly two dozen new “indie” games including “nidhogg” and “The Witness” at its PlayStation campus in the Silicon Valley city of San Mateo.

Some of the entertainingly zany spins that independent developers put on play grab the interest of major studios behind blockbuster franchises, with each side influencing the other. Independent games tend to be the work of small teams, sometimes as lean as a single developer working on a project in spare time.

The creations often play into modern lifestyles that seize on bite-sized games that can be enjoyed in short bursts during breaks in a day instead of the hours-long immersion sought in blockbuster video games.

The games have already become popular applications on smartphones and tablets. There are more than a thousand independent game studios signed up to put their creations on the PlayStation platform as part of a self-publishing program launched about two years ago.

To add, more than 100 independent games in development for new-generation PlayStation 4 consoles, which Sony has sold more than seven million of since they launched in November.

The popularity can be gauged by the fact that independent horror survival game “Outlast” has been downloaded more than 1.8 million times for play on PS 4 consoles, and a “Don’t Starve” title has seen a million downloads. Sony in 2009 launched a Publishers Fund to support promising independent game makers and has not disclosed how much it has spent on the program.

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