Software Promises To A Complete Overhaul In Video Gaming

Believe it or not! Us researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (ai) software that can predict what goal a player is trying to achieve in a video game.

The discovery aims to help game developers design new ways of improving the gameplay experience for players.

Dr james lester, a professor of computer science at the north carolina (nc) state university, they have developed the software for use in educational gaming, but it has applications for all video game developers.

Experts feel that it is a stepping stone in developing player adaptive games that can respond to player actions to improve the gaming experience, either for entertainment or education. The game was developed using the ai software.

Deep learning is actually a family of machine learning techniques that can extrapolate patterns from large collections of data and make predictions. Researchers turned to an educational game called ‘crystal island’ to test the ai programme. As part of the process, they amassed logs of player behavior (tracking every action a player took in the game) for 137 different players.

The researchers were able to test the predictive ai software against the ‘crystal island’ player logs to determine its accuracy in goal recognition.

Researchers added that the current state of the art ai programme for goal recognition has an accuracy rate of 48.4% in case of games. The accuracy rate for the new programme is 62.3% which is exceptional.

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