Snapchat Unveils An $80 Dancing Hot Dog Costume

Snap Inc. has released a Dancing Hot Dog Costume through its online Amazon store. The costume sells for $80 and is even available for two-day shipping, making it a great option for anyone still scrambling to find a costume. Finally, you can rest assured knowing that the awful cliché costumes you’ve been considering until this point like a Kylo Ren, a Minion, and Harley Quinn costume can finally be taken off your list. Nothing is going to be anywhere near as fun as a freaking dancing hot dog, and anyone who’s not planning on wearing this to their next Halloween party needs to get with the times.
The costume itself is an easy two-piece fit. It’s technically a tunic, with attached sleeves and hands. The accompanying pants match the same red of the actual hot dog filter, and are even attached to red shoe covers, so even the most cynical of your party guests won’t suspect that you’re not the real thing. The price is just $80.

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