Snapchat to come up with new ‘discovery’

Snapchat is all set to expand its service to videos, news articles and advertisements, if reports are to be believed. The company is a developer of a mobile app that lets users send messages that disappear within seconds.

The California-based company is in talks with advertisers and media companies about a service called Snapchat Discovery added sources.

Snapchat Discovery, rumored to debut in November, will show content and ads to Snapchat users, the Journal quoted the sources as saying.

The company has been getting a good response with at least a dozen media companies showing interest in providing content for Snapchat Discovery.

The new feature will allow users to read publications and watch video clips by holding down a finger on the screen, as they do with photos and other messages on the app.

Snapchat is immensely popular among teenage users. The company officials, was, however, not immediately available for comment.

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