Snapchat Sells Over $8 Million Worth Of Spectacles

Snapchat has just revealed some telling numbers about Spectacles. The sales accounted for the vast majority of the approximately $8 million in other revenue during the first quarter of 2017. That works out to roughly 60,000 units, about twice as many as it sold in the previous quarter. Other revenue, also primarily driven by Spectacles, was about $4 million during the final quarter of 2016.
Those numbers may not sound very high but it shows that there has been a significant demand for Spectacles, which are still only sold in the United States and weren’t widely available until February more than three months after they first launched.
It appears Spectacles are driving a significant amount of engagement on the platform as well. There have been 5 million Snaps sent via Spectacles since their launch. Though Snap has maintained its Spectacles are somewhat of an experiment, it’s widely believed the company is already planning future versions of the glasses. A recent patent filing suggests that the company is eyeing augmented reality features for future versions.
Unfortunately for Snapchat, the Spectacles sales weren’t enough to help the rest of the company. Snap reported its first-ever earnings on Wednesday and saw its shares drop by a whopping 25% due to sluggish user growth and rising costs.

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