Six Tips To Stay Healthy

As we all know that working professionals spend most of their waking up hours at their workplace. It’s certain that unhealthy habits hamper their heart health.
Here are a few tips by which you can keep yourself fit and healthy.
1. Unhealthy munching
Are you munching healthy in office or picking up biscuits, aerated drinks, endless cups of coffee and high calorie snacks to curb the hunger? The clear rule for a healthy life is to eat healthy.
2. Cut down your salt intake
It is imperative to limit the amount of salt in your diet. Doctors suggest that one should intake 1500mg sodium per day as it can increase blood pressure.
3. Break prolonged sitting time
A recent report stated that even if you are working out every morning before heading to work, the ill effects of prolonged sitting remain. So stand up from your seat every hour or two and also stretch while sitting. Just so you know, staying active can considerably reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

4. Avoid second hand smoke
Make sure that you don’t allow people to puff in your space. Did you know that an hour of passive smoking can lead to the same amount of aging as actually smoking two to four cigarettes. So steer clear of the smoke!

5. Avoid stress
Do you go home feeling burdened by your work or happenings of your work? If that’s the case, you are seriously putting your heart under pressure. If the work management is taking its toll on you, plan your work smartly or escalate the issue to your bosses. Chronic stress is one of the biggest reasons of heart attacks.

6. Breathe
Stuck in the busy work schedule, you often don’t concentrate on your breathing. This can be harmful to your overall well being. So make sure that you take full breaths and not shallow breaths during the day.

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