Selfie Addicts Have Poor Self Esteem: Study

A must read for selfie addicts: a new study has found that people who compulsively click lot of selfies suffer from low self-esteem.

The research done by money-saving app vouchercloud has revealed that 60% of those who regularly took selfies conceded that they had low self-esteem while only 13% said that they feel confident’ in their own skin.

The study further stated over half of young people take selfies at least once a week and majority of the pictures are posted on social media sites, and the main motive behind posting selfies was to get attention from their friends and acquaintance and also receive likes and comments.

Matthew wood, md of said that the growing selfie phenomenon will be around for some time as it has become a popular way to share lives and connect with friends and family, and the entire digital world as well.

Wood also highlighted that as selfies are subject to lighting, photoshop, etc, people look very little like what they do in real life.

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