Santa’s real 3D face created

It’s Christmas month and people are already engrossed in a festive season.

At this time, UK scientists have used 3D interactive technology to produce the most realistic portrait of the saint who came to be known as Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas was a 4th Century bishop who liked to give gifts secretly.

The researchers produced the image using a facial reconstruction system and 3D interactive technology by Liverpool John Moores University’s Face Lab.

Professor Caroline Wilkinson said the image was based on all the skeletal and historical material available. He was believed to have left secret gifts, such as coins in shoes, leading him to be the model for Father Christmas.

The new depiction uses the most up-to-date anatomical standards, a university official said.

It also includes Nicholas’ severely broken nose, which the professor said had healed asymmetrically, giving him a characteristic nose and rugged appearance.

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