Rolls-Royce To Be Equipped With Plug-In Hybrid

Rolls-Royce which has defined luxury for years could soon be trying something new in technology.

Rolls would introduce a plug-in hybrid in the coming few years to help meet upcoming government regulations on world-wide emissions. The plug-in hybrid could be the perfect way for Rolls to meet those obligations without compromising its values. It would have effectively unlimited range, and could produce the same power as a comparable internal-combustion model.

The parent company BMW has spent much time in developing plug-in hybrid power trains for the i8 sports car and X5 eDrive crossover. Rolls likes to stay as independent from BMW as possible, but this kind of technology is expensive to develop. It makes financial sense to both the British brand and the German one – which could amortize development costs over more vehicles. However – unlike more plebeian models – a plug-in hybrid powertrain likely won’t raise the price of a future Rolls-Royce.

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