Rocket League Is soon Coming To Xbox One

As we all know, Rocket League is one of 2015′s biggest games that was released in PC and even got a free PlayStation 4 for the summer. Though Xbox One users were left out of this lot, they will be getting the game in February next year. The news has been confirmed by Psyonix suring The Game Awards 2015.

As per the decision, the Xbox version of the game will have three content packs: Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run, and will also include six extra Battle-Cars, over 50 garage customization items, and even Back to the Future’s DeLorean time machine as a launch day DLC. Xbox One users will also get the Halo HogSticker, that is an alternate version of the Warthog Force Application Vehicle, and the Armadillo, which is a Gears of War-inspired Armored Personnel Carrier.

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