Rallis, A Pioneer In Syrup For More Than 100 Years

Rallis products are a household name in Kolkata and neighboring areas for the last hundred years. The company was founded by Ralli Singh Arora who migrated from Punjab to Kolkata and laid the foundation in 1898. Later on, his son Late Lachman Singh Arora became the pillar of the organization. Since then, the company has covered a long distance and has become a reputed brand.

In 1990, Mr Surendra Arora took over the management as the Managing Director. Under his leadership, the company introduced the State-of-the-Art technology in manufacture of Syrup.
The company claims to manufacture products using modern technology coupled with high standard of quality control. Innovation, Integrity and Quality has earned them several National as well as State awards in the Syrup segment. The prominent prizes which the Rallis has won include first prize winner of national mango show in 2003, 2005 and 2007 respectively.

Rallis attributes its success to vision commitment, control and challenge to provide tasty and healthy syrups. The syrups come in wide flavors which include rose, white rose, khus and kewra among others.

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