Plug In Your Second Ears

Are you the one who plugs earpods while walking on streets? Be careful as distraction may prove to be fatal. A forthcoming app turns your phone’s microphone into a second set of ears to keep you from going splat.

A New York-based company One Lama will release a safety app called Audio Aware next month. The app uses the company’s proprietary “Audio Intelligence” software to listen to the world and keeps you alert. When a sound matches, the app makes you aware:

When a sufficient match, such as a car horn, is detected, it will cancel any audio you’re hearing and pipe in an amplified version of the sound it’s picking up, or perhaps a cartoon-like version of that sound that is easier to recognize.

People with hearing loss or just poor hearing stand to benefit. The company is currently soliciting queries from developers that are building apps or devices that might benefit from being able to intelligently listen to the world.

The best way to keep oneself safe is to remain alert on roads.

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