One In Every Three Popular Website ‘Risky’: Study

A new study has revealed that one in three top websites that are most visited by people on the internet are dangerous.

Menlo came to the conclusion after reviewing the top 1 million domains on the web for potential vulnerabilities and found that one in three could be categorized as risky, meaning they had either been compromised already by hackers or were running vulnerable software that left them vulnerable to attack.

Though Menlo did not disclose which websites were vulnerable but most of the risks sites were not porn sites or questionable domains. The report showed that a website related to transportation, health and medicine, technology or business was just as likely to put visitors at risk of exposure to damaging malware.

It also revealed that one in four of the most trusted sites including, education and government domains, were found to be vulnerable. According to Menlo, 99% of malware infections came from basic Internet browsing.

Analysts cross-referenced 1.75 million URLs against a list of known malicious sites, checked the reputation of the IP address associated with each, and fingerprinted the software running each website to assess whether it had been updated with the latest security patches. About 21% of the websites had not been patched.

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