Nvidia Comes Up With 4K-Enabled Android Gaming Console

Nvidia has revealed the Shield Console, the device which joins the company’s growing Shield lineup. It consists of of a gaming tablet based off their Tegra K1 processor and a handheld device. Centered around the Shield Console, the company has announced an entire ecosystem that brings PC Gaming, watching content all into one big living room entertainment solution.

The device is powered by the 8-core, 64-bit Tegra X1 chip, with a GPU of 256 Maxwell cores which as per the company pulls the gaming power up to almost desktop class computers.

About the features, there’s 3GB of RAM, 16 GB of Storage that can be expanded by MicroSD. There are also USB 3.0 ports at the back to connect external storage devices. The device also has a gigabit Ethernet port, Bluetooth 4.1, with 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound support via HDMI and Dual-Band Wi-fi support. You get a single Nvidia Shield controller along with it. Nvidia claims that the Shield console is capable of gaming upto 4K resolutions on your 4K HDTV.

Being a set top box or home entertainment device, the Shield Console has access to everything the play store has to offer. All of that can be voice controlled, through the gamepad mic, or through an optional Shield Remote sold separately, or Logitech Harmony and other supported remotes.

The Tegra X1 is capable of one trillion floating-point calculations per second – a teraflop of computational power. For gaming, the X1 with it’s Maxwell GPU is capable of handling anything on the Play Store, and more. The company says it is preparing a catalog of 50 titles, including some notable big names like Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Borderlands: The Pre Sequel, Doom 3 BFG edition, Half-Life 2, Portal and others.

It is to be mentioned, Nvidia has also debuted its GRID cloud streaming service, through which you can stream games at 1080p at 60fps off the cloud. Where you pay one subscription fee and stream from a library of games or you can buy games and stream play them. If you have a capable PC with an Nvidia card, you can stream locally at resolutions upto 4K.

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