Now, Video Games To Calm Kids

After inventing video games that made children prone to crimes and aggressive tendencies, British developers have invented a video game claim that helps stressed and angry children learn how to stay calm under pressure.
How it works?

The prototype gaming system monitors a child’s stress levels using a wristband sensor and rewards them for controlling their stress levels, for example by giving them in-game power-ups.

The game, developed by We Are What We Do, a not-for-profit technology company in UK, the system will encourage better self-control and emotional resilience among children suffering from stress, and could reduce mental health problems in young people more generally.

It is one of ten finalists in a technology competition run by Nesta, a UK-based innovation charity, and Google.

Among other finalists is the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, which is developing a smartphone app to identify and track mosquito species in malaria-prone areas.
Finalists in the competition are awarded 200,000 pounds each to develop projects and a further three could be given an additional 500,000 pounds.

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