Now tattoos To Control Your Smartphone, Computer

Researchers have created a temporary metallic tattoo that can be used to control your computer,smartphone and other connected devices.
Hsin-Liu Kaofrom Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US said, these tattoos enable anyone to create interfaces directly on their skin.
These temporary tattoos called DuoSkin use layers of gold leaf that act as a conductor and connect parts of a small, simple circuit.
The new technology lets anyone create their own durable, customized gold metal leaf temporary tattoo that can be worn directly on the skin and used in several ways, researchers said.
Tattoos that act as an input device can convert skin into a track pad, letting users connect to a computer or smartphone and control apps by swiping on the tattoo itself, they said.
For instance, one tattoo can change colour based on your body temperature. Another can be paired with an app developed by researchers called “Couple Harmony” and lets partners visualize each other’s current mood.
The third class includes a near field communication (NFC) -enabled version of the tattoos that can be used as a wireless communication device, enabling you to communicate information such as skin status or movie tickets, by tapping a smartphone onto the tattoo.

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