Now Send Your Heartbeat To Your Lover

A company called TheTouch has introduced a new feature called HB Ring which lets two people send each other their heartbeats with a simple tap on the device exterior.Touted as the “most sophisticated ring in the world,” the HB Ring connects to smartphones with an app (for iOS and Android) via Bluetooth and has 14 hours of battery life for active use and 160 hours of stand-by time. An HB Ring must be connected to a phone with a data connection in order to receive the pulse over the internet. There are six sizes available and though the company says they’re thin, its own comparison shows just how much bulkier they are compared to a common wedding ring. The box the ring comes in doubles as a wireless charger. The best part: One version of the rings comes in real 18K rose gold with sapphire crystal unibody housing. There are also versions that come in rose gold or jet black, but they’re not made with real gold.
The worst part: They’re only sold in pairs (obviously) and are pricey. The 18K rose gold HB Rings cost $2,990 for a pair and ship in November. The regular non-real gold rings cost $599 for a pair and ship in “early 2017.

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