Now See the Most Picturesque World

The magic behind the immersive realism in the SUHD TV display is the work of incredibly small particles called quantum dots. It is to be mentioned that quantum dot is a semiconductor crystal so tiny that it is measured in nanometres. It’s on this minuscule scale that colour and contrast can be controlled in Samsung television panels.
Quantum dots are photo-active which means that they absorb, and then emit, light. Unlike the light from conventional TVs, which gets diffused by adjacent colours, the colour of light each quantum dot gives off is very stable and precise. Therefore, the three primary colours – red, green and blue – are far more pure on Samsung SUHD TVs than on conventional TVs. It helps the Quantum Dot display show a wide range of colours more accurately. Using Quantum Dot technology, Samsung SUHD TVs can display as many as 1 billion colour shades. The result is unbelievably natural, real-life colours and very detailed, immersive imagery.
Quantum Dot technology is coupled with another innovation, called HDR1000, in the latest Samsung SUHD TV displays. Most existing TVs are enabled with HDR100, but this unique tech provides a wider and richer range of colours and better image contrast than has ever been seen before.
Not only do these next-gen enhancements make the whites look brighter and the blacks look darker, but they also brighten and sharpen the entire spectrum of colour, making the images more true to life than has been possible before. Samsung’s HDR1000 technology delivers a peak brightness of up to 1000 nits, ensuring the best possible contrast ratios. The smallest details in the darkest or brightest areas of any onscreen image are preserved and visible.

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