Now, Reliance Wants To Play Football

The gaming companies are increasingly looking at live sports as an avenue for launching games with footballbeing the next game in mind.
After Gaming companies Nazara Games, Play Games 24/7, Reliance Games ,Games2Win and several others launched cricket-centric games during the IPL season;
Nazara Games’ Cricbet, a real time cricket virtual betting platform, saw a fairly high level of traction with up to 15,000 active users after 1,00,000 downloads.
In terms of retention, around 60% of users came back to place bets for the second match, and up to 30% of users came back for the 15th match, this real time virtual betting platform has the potential to be integrated into various sports.
An individual user placed up to 38 bets during a single match, and approximately 1.5% of users converted from a free user to a paid user while playing Cricbet.
The companies are now eyeing football as the next live game to introduce virtual real time betting for mobile gamers who are football fans; they will reintroduce the game during the football.
It is to be noted that Play Games 24/7 also launched a virtual real time cricket betting platform during IPL. However, the company refused to comment on the traction seen, but aims to introduce the real time betting platform into other live games, including football, basketball, amongst other live sports.
Besides the virtual real time cricket betting platforms, other gaming companies including Reliance Games, Games2win, Moonfrog Labs , all launched cricket-centric games during the IPL. After studying user behaviour during the IPL season, Reliance Games plans to increasingly look at live sports as an avenue for mobile gaming. Most of the gaming companies claimed that a large amount of their user base for the IPL games was urban male mobile gamers.

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