Now Just Tweet Your Pizza

Craving for a pizza? Just tweet it out to your nearest Pizza Hut store and it’ll be delivered straight to your house. Hungry social media users can now get their fix straight from their favorite social media platform. Pizza Hut is the latest restaurant chain to release a chatbot to let Facebook and Twitter users order pizzas through tweets and Facebook messages.
The Pizza Hut chatbots will let you reorder your favorite pizzas or saved orders from the last time you went on a pizza binge. Chat with the Pizza Hut account on either Facebook or Twitter and place your order. There’s no extra charge for ordering through the chatbot. You can even access frequently asked questions and Pizza Hut promotions through the bot. The bot will start taking your orders from August this year.
Chatbots are basically AI-based bots let loose on various chatting platforms. Chatbots interact with users through natural conversation, and help out with providing a certain service.
It is to be mentioned that Chatbots, introduced this year during the MobileBeat Conference in San Franciso, has attracted the attention of restaurant chains across the world, with Burger King, Taco Bell and Domino’s chatbots already out in use. Domino’s also has an Apple Watch App to let people order their favorite pizzas straight from their wrists.

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