Now, Google’s artificial intelligence to answer emails

In a recent development, Google is putting a different twist on the concept of automated reply with a new tool that aims to write artificially intelligent responses to your email.

The technology is part of an update to search giant’s Inbox app for managing and organizing email. The feature is the latest example of Google’s effort to teach machines how to take over some of the tasks typically handled by humans.

It is to be noted that the most conspicuous example so far has been Google’s 6-year-old project developing cars that can drive without a human steering the wheel. Google also has been using an artificial intelligence program called RankBrain to help determine the pecking order in its influential internet search results.

In this case, the company says it has created a program that identifies which incoming emails merit quick responses and then figures out the appropriate wording. Up to three choices will be offered as a reply before it’s sent. The responses that people select are supposed to help Google’s computers learn which ones work best.
Experts said, Google expects its new smart reply option to be particularly popular when people are checking emails on smartphones equipped with smaller, touchscreen keyboards.
Moreover, the new feature is available to all consumers who use the free version of Inbox, as well as the more than 2 million businesses who pay for Google’s suite of applications designed for work.
It is to be noted that the company unveiled Inbox a year ago as a more sophisticated alternative to its popular Gmail service. The Mountain View, California, company hasn’t said how many people have installed Inbox. Gmail has more than 400 million worldwide users. Google is part of a recently formed parent company, Alphabet.

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