Now Google Pay Makes Online Payments Easier On Android

Google is making things simpler for shoppers who love Google. Forget Android Pay and Google Wallet. Starting Monday, all Google users and Google device owners only need to think about Google Pay. Google announced the name change and services in a blog post titled bringing it all together.
Google Pay is kind of like Apple Pay except, well, shoppers are using Android devices instead of iPhones and Chrome instead of Safari and macOS. Now, after Google users save their payment information to their Google account, they’ll be able to apply it to purchases online and in store for retail outlets that accept NFC payments.
Apps like Google’s YouTube, Fandango, Airbnb, and Instacart already have it available, and more will accept it soon, according to the blog post.
The move is all a part of Google’s effort to provide a seamless payment system for users, ensuring their loyalty and also taking a cut of fees when they apply. Mobile payments is one of the many ways Google competes with Apple.

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