Now Facebook To Dominate Your Social Life

In a latest development, Facebook will help you to help fill any weekend night voids on its users’ calendars, whether it’s with a night on the town or a pizza delivery.
To that end, a slate of features will let users more easily solicit friends’ restaurant recommendations, buy tickets to Facebook-hosted events and make appointments at local businesses.
These are the types of everyday challenges Facebook has put much of its advertising team’s energy toward recently in a bid to make the social network a more seamless presence in people’s lives outside their homes as well as within.
Sometimes that involves location-based promotions that draw shoppers to brick-and-mortar stores or ads that show up only when certain products are in stock at a given shop. Other times, it means alerts about friends at a concert nearby or mobile messages that greet customers when they enter a business’s premises.
Even with the addition of the new tools, there remains a ways to go until the company will be satisfied it is taking full advantage.
Users can now share select areas of maps on their News Feeds with a request for, say, sushi bar suggestions. Friends who comment will see the location coordinates indicated by their text pinned on the map as long as the business has a Facebook page. A running tab of all such queries will appear on the home page so that people can revisit them.
Moreover, a new appointment card feature added to Facebook’s Messenger platform offers a more formalized process for penciling dates at a hair salon or auto-repair shop. In it, users exchange cards with sets of available dates and times until a session is agreed upon.
The tool marks the first significant expansion to the customer service suite within Messenger bots since the automated programs were made available earlier this year.
The company said, the new features involve a host of brand partners including event sales services like Ticketmaster, Eventbrite and Fandango as well as smaller start-ups like, Slice, HomeAdvisor, MyTime and others.

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