Now Facebook Messenger to Soon Get 3D Touch support for iPhone

In a latest development, Facebook will soon be rolling out 3D Touch support to its Messenger app on iOS. After the update, users of theiPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be able to use direct Messenger commands tied to the 3D Touch feature.
Users will be able to access the newest iPhones’ pressure sensitive peek and pop screen technology. Users will also be able to press and hold on the screen to preview contacts, photos, conversations, location and more. The feature will allow users to peek at links before they open a message and pop at stickers.
Recently, the social networking site announced its plans of introducing end-to-end encryption for Messenger app. The social media giant announced that it is testing a new feature – Secret Conversations, supporting end-to-end encryption on demand.
Unlike WhatsApp , end-to-end encryption won’t be enabled in Facebook Messengerby default. To use the functionality, users will have to select the Secret Conversation option while chatting through Messenger. They’ll also be able to set a message expiry time in the range of 5 seconds to over 6 hours, so that the message is available to the recipient during the specified time frame.
Explaining the reason for making Secret Conversations an optional feature, Facebook said, that’s because many people want Messenger to work when they switch between devices, such as a tablet, desktop computer or phone. Secret Conversations can only be read on one device and the experience may not be right for everyone.
It is to be mentioned that End-to-end encryption is primarily meant for textual messages and is currently not supported for multimedia content like GIFs or videos.

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