Now Control Google Glass With Thoughts

Google Glass
You have always been told that thoughts are powerful. Now, its time to practice what has been preached.
You would be able to control Google Glass with your thoughts alone. The power of thoughts can give the computer eyewear commands to do certain things, which include taking a picture and even posting it to Facebook.

Developed by London-based startup This Place, the open source MindRDR app and Neurosky EEG biosensor work together to transmit users’ thoughts to Google Glass.

How it works?

The wearable sensor and the app analyze users’ brainwaves and gauge their level of focus. You have to concentrate until a horizontal white line starts to rise on Google Glass “screen.”
When the level crosses a certain threshold, MindRDR tells Google Glass to take a picture. Stay focussed and Glass will post the photo on social media.

The technology could also be used to help those with severe physical disabilities such as locked-in syndrome or severe multiple sclerosis. The new app is yet to be approved by Google Glass team.

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