Now Coca-Cola With Coffee

The humble soda hasn’t been getting a lot of good press lately, but you know what everyone still loves? Coffee. It might just be why Coca-Cola has latched onto our favourite caffeinated beverage, combining it into the Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar. The soda is launching first in Australia as a limited edition item ahead of the country’s summer, following the hype from Coca-Cola Ginger, which was released same time last year. It’s being positioned as a late-afternoon drink, something you’d drink instead of coffee. At 14 mg per 100 mililitres, there’s much less caffeine than a regular cappuccino (43mg), but slightly more than a Coca-Cola (9mg). And as the name gives away, there is no sugar. With the tide turning away from sugary sodas, it makes sense.
The reality is that Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar doesn’t really taste like much of either. It’s more like the coffee flavour you’d get in something like Kopiko, an Indonesian coffee candy, or from one of those Japanese coffee cans that come out of vending machines. If anything, Coca-Cola has come up with a product that’ll most certainly be talked about on social media, and through articles like these. Perhaps in this day and age, that’s enough.

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