Now, App To Save Your Kids From Getting Locked In Cars

In the wake of kids getting locked in the car and dying, US based non-profit called Kars4Kids has created a free smartphone app ‘Kars4Kids Safety’ as an emergency backup for careful parental and adult monitoring.

The app is designed to help avert any tragedy with a simple reminder. Once you are in the car with the baby, the app connects to the Bluetooth device inbuilt in your vehicle.

When you leave the car and it disconnects, the app sounds an alarm on your phone. The Bluetooth technology, however, works within a set distance. If you are not far enough away from your car, Bluetooth will not disconnect, meaning the alarm with not sound.

You also choose the alarm sound feature – it can be something you record – and include your baby’s name and photo. The app’s description on its website read that Kars4Kids Safety app is designed as an emergency backup for careful parental and adult monitoring, not as a substitute for such monitoring.

Always perform a visual check for your children and do not rely on ‘Kars4Kids Safety’ as your sole safety check, it added.The app is available on Google Play app store.

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