Now app to protect your pictures from screenshots

Researchers have developed a new photo sharing app called Yovo to protect your pictures and messages from screenshots.

The app developed by a privacy software company called ContentGuard, the iOS-enabled app uses a common optical illusion to make your sent photos a lot harder for the receiver to screenshot.

Its developer Scott Richardson said, everyone is becoming more conscious of the digital trail they leave and it seems as though there isn’t a day that goes by where we do not see a headline about the consequences of inadvertent or malicious digital publication of our private lives.

Yovo uses the Barrier Grid illusion, which is similar to what we might experience driving past a picket fence.

As we move fast, our eyes tend to see the stationary scene behind the palings rather than the palings themselves, CNET reported.

When we take a picture, the app overlays a blurred grille over the image.

When the receiver opens the image, the grille moves, allowing them to see the picture. But if they try to take a screenshot, it will always result in an image with blurred sections.

The app can be downloaded free from the iTunes app store.

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