Now App To Help You Land Safely

Now, comes an app on your cell phone that would help your plane to land safely in case the aircraft engine fails or it develops a technical snag.

The new iPad app Xavion connects with a small plane’s autopilot via Wi-Fi that would guide you to the nearest airport or safe landing area.

The app derives data from the autopilot to provide additional aid to the pilot.

The pilot can then make an informed decision and land the plane safely.

Austin Meyer, who has developed the app says, that the tests took them practically all the way down to touchdown.

If the pilot didn’t take over, he would have just had a hard landing, broken the landing gear, and everyone would have walked away.

He further said, the app can help the pilots to navigate their way to a safe landing spot, be it at an airport or a vacant field.

It can also provide weight and balance checks, and also estimate fuel burn and time to your destination at various altitudes.

A new update will let App take control of the autopilot making any human intervention unnecessary.

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