Now, App That Brings Fertility Clinic In Your Drawing Room

Kirsten Karchmer
A must read for women struggling to conceive. Here comes an app that virtually sets up a fertility clinic in their drawing room. Called Conceivable, this subscription-based service is a personalized health programme that works to identify and address a variety of underlying factors that could be contributing to the issue at hand.

How the app functions?
With this app, women can get supplements at home every month to accompany their customized health plan. The app looks for a variety of underlying factors that are unique to each woman which, combined, can affect fertility.

These could include things like caffeine intake, alcohol consumption, exercise, diet, smoking, stress levels, irregular cycles and more.

Kirsten Karchmer, founder and CEO of the app said, many women do not realize that if they have a short cycle, sometimes 26 days or less, they have a 50% less likelihood of conceiving compared with women who have longer cycles..

In Conceivable, there are some 50 similar factors that are taken into account in order to build its customized programme. But the programme does not stop at identifying the potential causes; it also offers strategies to help address them.

Before developing the app, Karchmer ran the Texas centre for reproductive acupuncture, a large fertility wellness clinic in the US. At the clinic, the programme was used with 7,000 couples and nearly half of them got pregnant. Conceivable will offer its customers personalized meal plans, recipes and shopping lists to aid with their nutritional changes.

The app also provides mind and body exercises, stress management plans, lifestyle recommendations and proprietary blends of herbal supplements.

Using adaptive learning software, the service is designed to improve and optimize over time, adjusting itself to the user’s progress and data input.

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