Now, An App To Track Your Tweets

A must read for twitter user: A new feature in Twitter’s iPhone app will help you to find how many people are reading your tweets, retweeting or clicking on a link you posted.

Describing about the app, Ian Chan, a software engineering manager at Twitter said, that the user is just required to sign in to the Twitter analytics page with your account so that the company can start collecting the mobile analytics data.

How it works?

The user is required to upgrade his Twitter iPhone app to the latest version. He is then required to open the app, and tap any tweet he has posted.

At the bottom of the tweet, he will see a link that says ‘View Analytics Details.’
Tap that link. In response, Twitter shows you the analytics for that specific tweet.

The total impressions displays the number of times people saw the tweet, while the total engagements reveals the number of people who actually retweeted or favorited the tweet.

The user will find specific percentages for the engagement data by scroll down further.

At present, the mobile analytics data is available on iOS operating devices.
So tweet and see how may retweeted your tweeted!

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