Now An App For Battling Addiction

If you are struggling with alcoholism or other forms of addictions and is unable to say good bye to it,, then here comes a smartphone app that aims to help by connecting you to a social network of sober people.

Christened Sober Grid, the app has a public news feed where users can post messages about their struggles and successes with sobriety.

It also offers a messaging platform and other features similar to what are available on popular social networking platforms like Facebook.

It shows people’s profiles and how far away they are. It also allows people to remain anonymous.

Experts said, Sober Grid is a tool that can help people to connect to other sober people and get the help you need when you need it where you need it. For tech savy people or people who like to explore new technologies, this is a fun avenue to explore.

Moreover, there is both a free and paid version of the app with additional features.

Beau Mann, chief executive and a founder of Sober Grid said, some people, their life is dependent on their sobriety, so that need to connect is how people get and maintain sobriety.

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