Norton Unveils Wi-Fi Privacy VPN Service For Safe Browsing In India

Software giant Norton (Symantec) has expanded its portfolio in India with the launch of a new product. Dubbed Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, the security solution is aimed at preventing the hacking of confidential user information over unsecured Wi-Fi networks. It’s available for multiple platforms, including Windows, mac, iOS and Android.
Norton Wi-Fi Privacy comes in three subscription models, depending on the number of devices it is intended to be used on. For one device, the annual subscription costs Rs 2,999. For five and ten devices, the subscription cost is Rs 3,999 and Rs 4,999 respectively. It is worth adding that the solution has already been available in select countries since last year.
Wi-Fi Privacy protects the data sent and received over public Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It’s also been mentioned that the new service includes bank-grade encryption to secure information like passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers and more. Norton Wi-Fi Privacy allows users to browse anonymously by changing the VPN source constantly and masking the real location of the users.
It is to be mentioned that the Norton Wi-Fi Privacy app is free to download and install from Google Play and Apple App Store. Interested users can test the service free of cost as part of a seven-day trial. The app UI is easy to use and comes with one switch to turn on/off the service. Users can manually select the VPN location as well, in addition to the standard automatic switching technology. In addition, the solution can block ad trackers and give a brief on how many trackers have been disabled in a given time period.

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