Nokia Launches Its First Android-Based Budget Phones

Nokia has introduced the Nokia X series of smartphones. The first three phones in the family, Nokia X, X+ and XL, run on the new Nokia X software platform, that is based on Google’s Android.

The phones under the Nokia X family run a forked variant of Android, similar to the way Amazon does for its Kindle
The downside here is that Nokia X users can’t have access to the Google Play Store for apps.

Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL form a new family of Nokia’s affordable smartphones. The Nokia X is the entry-level model in the family, will cost 89 euros, and will be available immediately in select markets.

The Nokia X+ offers more memory and storage. It’s priced at 99 euros and will be available in early Q2 2014. Finally, the Nokia XL packs a 5-inch screen, 5 megapixel rear-facing and 2 megapixel front-facing camera. It will be priced at 109 euros and be available in early Q2 2014.

These phones feature a brand new, tile-based home screen. The new OS also reintroduces a redesigned version of its Fastlane notifications centre – a second Home screen if you like – from the latest Asha devices.

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