Nokia 3310 Might Return Soon

nolia\Nokia 3310 is likely to make a comeback. Launched in 2000 by then-gigantic Finnish phone maker Nokia, the 3310 was compact, sturdy, reliable and its battery lasted forever. Now, according to sources the Nokia 3310 is poised for a triumphant return.
It appears the HMD Global Oy, the Finnish manufacturer that bought the rights to market phones under the Nokia brand from Microsoft, will launch a modern version of 3310 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month.
More precisely, the phone will be launched Feb. 26, when HMD has scheduled an event in Barcelona, and the new Nokia 3310 will cost a mere €59 ($63). We definitely hope this 3310 reboot will include the legendary game from the original phone, Snake.
HMD will launch a couple of smartphones as well such as Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. The 5.2-inch Nokia 5 will have 2GB of RAM and a 12-megapixel camera, and it will retail for €199 ($211). There are no details about the entry-level Nokia 3 except that it will cost €149 ($158), and both phones will run on Android 7. The company will also showcase the already launched Nokia 6, which has so far only been available in China.

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