Nintendo Launches Pokemon Game For Android Users

After a long wait, Nintendo has finally launched the much-awaited ‘Pokemon Go’ for bothAndroid and iOS smartphones. Going the augmented reality route, the game lets you catch, train, battle, and trade Pokemonin the real world.
The game uses your phone’s GPS and camera to let you explore the real world in search of new Pokemon, and then capture them using Pokeballs. A bluetooth-enabled wristband device called the Pokemon Go Plus will also come with the app, allowing players to get directly involved with the game by alerting them via vibrations and an LED light of nearby Pokemon.
The app also has an Augmented Reality (AR) mode, which shows Pokemon in the real world using the device’s camera. Players must then throw a Pokeball at them to catch them. At present , Pokemon Go is only available in USA, Australia, and New Zealand. However, the fans in other countries can install the app by downloading the .apk file. It is to be mentioned that the Japanese gaming company Nintendo had been avoiding using its most popular characters in mobile games, but after several investors calling for the move, Nintendo finally announced plans for its full foray into the mobile world earlier this year.
The company has also promised four more mobile titles in the financial year ending March and expects a boost in its operating revenue. Nintendo also plans releasing its next console globally in March 2017.

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