Nike Reportedly Abandons The Fuelband Team

Nike is reported to have dismissed a major chunk of employees from FuelBand’s hardware tea, shortly after the announcement of its new Nike+ Fuel Lab initiative.

An email from the senior official has confirmed the fears about the lay-offs.

Sources say, Out of Nike Fuelband’s 70-people hardware team, around 55 were let-off by the firm. Though it remains unclear how many employees have been internally recruited in other Nike divisions and how many have been retrenched by the company.

Nike has also shelved the next version of FuelBand, said to be slimmer in design. The recent development would, however, not influence the Nike+ FuelBand SE – currently on sale – in any way.
The company will reportedly shift its focus to fitness software, including its Nike+ API, which other hardware makers can integrate into their own wearables.

Nike’s move comes as the first wave of fitness wearables has failed to gain widespread mainstream adoption. At the same time, Nike’s close partner Apple is expected to enter the market as early as this year.
Interestingly, this particular news was already making rounds on an anonymous networking website.

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