Netflix Bringing Changes In Rating Content

USA Netflix Corporate Headquarters
Netflix is giving away its five-star ratings system for good in favour of a thumbs up/thumbs down one. The streaming service’s VP of Product Todd Yellin said that thumbs up and down got 200 percent more ratings than the star-rating feature when tested on hundred of thousands of members in 2016.
A source familiar with the situation confirmed the changes are taking place in April and will roll out globally.
Netflix is also starting a new percentage feature that will use algorithms to show how likely you’ll enjoy a movie or a show before watching. A show that matches a user’s taste may get a 98 percent rating. Shows that have less than 50 percent won’t display it. Netflix also said that tests of the simple thumbs up/down system showed that twice as many people bothered to rate what they had watched.The company will also indicate how likely it thinks you are to enjoy one of its personalized recommendations by displaying a percentage match. It will be interesting to see how the new system compares. To me, it sounds like dumbing-down the service for those who use the star system intelligently to meet the needs of those who misuse it or don’t use it at all. While the move makes little sense on the surface, providing far less scope to provide the feedback that drives future recommendations, Netflix claims that the stars we award are less relevant than we might think …

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